I had injured my wrist while skiing a few years ago. I subsequently went through a lot in terms of assessment and treatment over the course of the next several months: casting, surgery, nerve conduction studies, MRI studies and physiotherapy. Nothing helped! I was still unable to return to work as I continued to have unresolved issues with nerve pain, numbness, strength and range of motion in my wrist, hand and arm.

Finally, my physiotherapist recommended me to Crystal for massage therapy. Crystal was my saving grace. She listened when no one else would take the time. She explored different ways to treat my injury and never gave up trying to get to the root of my problem. In addition to our massage sessions she sent me home with exercises that helped me maintain progress and grow stronger every day.

I am now pain free and have a functional wrist and arm once again! Crystal is a true professional, an expert in her field, and I truly give her credit for getting me back to work and giving me my life back. Thanks Crystal!