Crystal is awesome at all the different techniques of massage therapy she provides! I have been seeing her for over 10 years now. I truly believe that if it was not for her, I would not be able to walk today due to my severe arthritis.

I really like her therapeutic massage sessions. She has evolved her practice over the years to consistently add the latest treatments available through her ongoing training.

I would not hesitate to recommend Alignment Therapeutic Massage. Crystal is very professional, thorough and genuinely cares about her patients. The relief I have after one of her massage treatments is incredible!

As far as I’m concerned, there is no better massage therapist in the Calgary and surrounding area.

Bernice Gocal from Calgary, AB

I tried every treatment available for my bad back, physio, chiro, acupuncture, and massage therapy and I still crawled into Crystal’s treatment room one day. I couldn’t stand up straight, sit down or walk, the pain was unbearable. Crystal has a unique style of treatment that incorporates NFR and Massage therapy to bring relief to your pain! I was skeptical at first but after a session or two I noticed a difference, I now can happily stand upright! If you have pain, an impinged nerve, or disc problem then don’t settle for a regular massage appointment book in for NFR massage therapy with Crystal at Alignment Therapeutic Massage and change your life!

Sean Conaboy from Bragg Creek, AB

My partner and I first started seeing Crystal from Alignment Therapeutic Massage for massages more than 10 years ago. Although we have moved in and out of the area, we try to see her regularly when we are here and we even schedule appointments when we are visiting. Even a basic massage can be beneficial, but a treatment from Crystal is far beyond basic. She has a wealth of experience in massage therapy and is dedicated to adding new developments to her repertoire.

Over the years, she has helped us recover from a range of injuries and addressed some of the consequences of the stress of daily living. Massage therapists who can help you to relax are common, but the true therapist who can determine and address root causes is rarer and should be appreciated.

I cannot recommend Crystal Tracy more strongly, as one of those rare therapists.

Aerin Caley from Calgary, AB

If you have pain, discomfort or stress – you need to see Crystal at Alignment Therapeutic Massage! She specializes in NFR that is simply more effective than regular massage. If you have nerve pain in particular like I did, then forget massage and go for the NFR. If you need a treatment, make sure to book with her right away!

Amanda Luethi from Cochrane, AB

I started seeing Crystal due to upper back, neck and shoulder issues caused from an injury when I landscaped the yard in our new home. My job also causes constant posture and neck tension. We met and created a plan together to not only fix but properly maintain my neck and shoulders. I met with her weekly for a month, then biweekly for another few visits and now have been able to maintain with monthly visits.

Her use of therapeutic massage and cupping techniques have made huge improvements for me. Crystal is very professional, thorough, friendly, punctual and great to work with.

I book my next appointment after each session so I’ve got my time secured. I would highly recommend her.

Debbie Wansink from Cochrane, ABlost 5kg in 3 months

I’ve been receiving a massage from Crystal every 3 weeks for the past 10 years. Prior to Crystal, I had been to a number of therapists over the years. Immediately upon my first visit to Crystal, I noticed a big difference in how she works all the different muscle groups. No other therapist has helped me as much as Crystal has. Without her expertise I would not be able to perform the demanding physical duties where I’m employed.

To sum up Crystal’s unique professionalism, she is very friendly, knows exactly what I need, and performs magic to my aches and pains. I have found incredible relief and healing because of Crystal’s incredible ability to treat the problems and to know just what I need in terms of treatment that helps my body heal and recover.

She’s awesome and second to none.

Clayton Rosenberger from Airdrie, ABlost 7kg in 2months

I had injured my wrist while skiing a few years ago. I subsequently went through a lot in terms of assessment and treatment over the course of the next several months: casting, surgery, nerve conduction studies, MRI studies and physiotherapy. Nothing helped! I was still unable to return to work as I continued to have unresolved issues with nerve pain, numbness, strength and range of motion in my wrist, hand and arm.

Finally, my physiotherapist recommended me to Crystal for massage therapy. Crystal was my saving grace. She listened when no one else would take the time. She explored different ways to treat my injury and never gave up trying to get to the root of my problem. In addition to our massage sessions she sent me home with exercises that helped me maintain progress and grow stronger every day.

I am now pain free and have a functional wrist and arm once again! Crystal is a true professional, an expert in her field, and I truly give her credit for getting me back to work and giving me my life back. Thanks Crystal!

Janice Strate, RN from Calgary, ABlost 4kg in 1.5 months